I offer personalized service for people with big ideas on small budgets. My clientele are ambitious folks at square one, looking to begin a new project.

I understand that your idea will evolve. I work closely with my clients and genuinely enjoy the process of adapting and adjusting to your specific needs.

I offer flexible pricing for all projects. You tell me your idea and your budget, and we can work something out so that both parties walk away with a win.

MVP Package

The MVP Package starts with a free consultation where I meet with you to discuss your idea and to see if it's a good fit for both parties.

If all goes well, I will begin building out an MVP of your idea and help you launch it.

MVP means that we get the minimum functionality working, and a good design for the first iteration. This includes custom domain and business email configuration.

Prices vary per job. They depend on the budget you have in mind and the complexity of your idea. We compromise on what works price wise for the both of us.

Optimization Package

The Optimization Package is offered after the MVP is launched. I will improve your product as your idea evolves and different needs arise.

This includes analytics configuration, bug fixes, SEO, favicon generation and branding.

While the MVP is about getting the basic functionality of your idea coded up, the Optimization Package is about fine tuning and perfecting it as you gain some traction.

The Optimization Package is on an hourly rate. That way, as new things come up that you would like to develop, we can agree on the cost of them and move forward from there.

Begin With Your Free Consultation

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